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Investment Real Estate Loans

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Key Financial solutions lending service was established in 1995 to provide time-sensitive, bridge financing to real estate professions and investors to fund the purchase of non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties, provide bridge loans, and provide real estate-backed lines of credit.

 A lack of liquidity in the credit markets and increased regulation of the banking industry has restricted conventional financing as an option for investors in fast-moving and competitive real estate markets. As an Authorized Private Broker, Key Financial Solutions helps fill this void by taking a common sense approach to underwriting, with all approvals. 

We are dedicated to providing quick responses to time-sensitive loans, often times with the ability to close in as few as 10 business days.  As a full-service Private Money Broker for licensed realtors, real estate investors and financial professions, we do most of the leg work for you, while you build up your clients or personal real estate portfolio and cash-flow all your deals.

Whether it’s for wholesale, rehab, or buy and hold for long-term cash investment deals, Key Financial Solutions, Inc. delivers fast and easy access to Private Money. 

We’re an equity-based lender which means we care more about the property’s merits, and don’t focus on poor credit, or some of the other factors conventional lenders use to rate the risk.

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